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Cambridge Based Strangers By Accident Cut To The Core On Self-Titled Effort

Cambridge based indie folk duo Strangers By Accident are touching emotional nerves everywhere with their brand new self-titled album. The duo of Brian Sousa and Amy Wynne was formed last year, and have elements of The Civil Wars and Ryan Adams thrown into the mix for good measure, and to balance out the harmonic bliss that is afoot at every which way you turn throughout. I was enthralled from the first moment I heard them, and really felt the emotional magnitude billow throughout their music that really thrust me full on into the environment of the situation at hand. It's pretty powerful when you feel like you're the subject of the song currently being played, that's how emotionally potent their music is and really speaks to mind about the volume of creative ingenue and talent that is omnipresent throughout their tunes. A tremendously gifted and talented group that is most certainly worthy of your listening time.

To check out their self-titled effort, it's available on their Bandcamp page over here, and for more on Strangers By Accident, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here to stay in touch with everything that they've going on in their world.

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