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UK Pop Punkers The Bottom Line Make Their Triumphant Return With New Single "Pull Me Out"

Photo Credit: Mike Oksman

London based pop-punkers The Bottom Line are back after a long break with their brand new song "Pull Me Out" off their upcoming EP "I Still Hate You" out on January 12th. The song has all the hallmarks of a catchy as hell pop-punk track with a fast paced rhythm reminiscent of blink-182, with the guys goofy and outgoing personalities best representing itself on stage and in the video for the song as well. You may remember the guys from a few years back when I first featured the guys when they were a trio before they expanded to their current four member lineup. I remember commenting back then on how they were leading the youthful charge out of the UK, and were bringing back a sense of fun and excitement and just plain joy of acting like a kid all over again much like their forefathers blink-182 did a long time ago, and one that their current contemporaries All Time Low are implementing to a great deal in the present day as well. A remarkable young act that is definitely worthy of keeping an eye on.

To check out "Pull Me Out" for yourself, the video is now up on YouTube here for your viewing enjoyment, and for more on The Bottom Line please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their hijinks on Twitter at this spot here.

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