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Troy Cartwright Releases Tribute Ode To Dak Prescott, "Never Benching Dak"

Dallas, TX based and Berklee alum Troy Cartwright released this gem of a music vid on his Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, highlighting his love for the Dallas Cowboys and his gentle plea to owner Jerry Jones not to bench rookie QB Dak Prescott. The video doesn't have an official title, but just to name it appropriately on the site we'll call it "Never Benching Dak", and it's one hell of a gem. The 1 and a half minute clip will definitely get lodged inside of you with the lyrics and simplistic acoustic melody running loops inside your head, and also reflects Troy's heartfelt love and sincerity for his football team and his creative ingenue that is beyond comprehension at this point. I got the opportunity to see him live last week @ Loretta's Last Call for the first time in 4 years, and it was a real honor to watch him develop and mature into a more than confident songwriter and musician who has already broken through into the country scene big time. I'm so honored to be friends with Troy, and we have really developed a deep respect and mutual admiration for one another's craft and football teams for sure!

For more on Troy Cartwright, please 'Like' him on Facebook over here, and head over to his official homepage over here for more in depth info about him, including links to stream and purchase his music among other items.

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