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Allston Dreamboats Today Junior Release New Single "Lee's Anthem", Team Up w/ Dead Tra

Allston based musical hunks Today Junior have just released a brand new single via the Flesh Records Bandcamp page titled "Lee's Anthem". The track is a scorching, 2 minute odyssey that we wished lasted much longer, but features the band's trademark guitar riffs and stylisitic charm that has made them the envy of people from Boston and all over. Mike O'Toole bangs the drums into oblivion with his trademark beard and bank robber styled bandanna flowing in the breeze, while his brother Harry's voice is impeccable with his guitar wizardry best experienced on stage with his massively expanding red hair becoming nothing short of beautiful. Bassist Anthony Ambrose puts the icing on the cake with his dazzling bass licks that when all combined together, create one of the most promising and creative acts I've seen in quite some time. You of course know the story how I first met the guys accidentally back in 2012 at the now defunct Copperfield's, and I knew from the get go that after talking to Mike for an extended period of time that I would become musical soulmates with them as they define the spirit and enthusiasm of their Allston surroundings and what it means to be a Boston band.

To check out "Lee's Anthem" for yourself, it's available on the Flesh Records Bandcamp page over here, and for more on Today Junior please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter from this perch here. And don't forget to RSVP to their show w/ Dead Trains and Zip Tie Handcuffs @ Wonder Bar in their hometown next Tue. 12/6 via the event listing over here.

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