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Nominees for 2016 MusicBoxPete Artist of The Year

Proud to announce this morning the nominees for MusicBoxPete's 2016 Artist of The Year! There have be so many acts to choose from, so I had to rack my brain to whittle down the list to 3 bands that went above and beyond this past year, and were omnipresent throughout the local scene playing shows that elevated their band to new heights of greatness never seen before. It was a tough decision to limit it to only 3, but nevertheless here are my nominees for MusicBoxPete's Artist of The Year:

Oh Malo

Western Education

Dead Trains

Voting for the Artist of The Year takes place from now until December 22. Simply head over to, and look for the voting page in the upper right hand corner of the screen to cast your vote. Winners will get unofficial bragging rights as the band that dominated the most in terms of presence and dedication for the local scene. Make your voice heard as to who should win this prestigious award by casting your vote right now!

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