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Brooklyn Based Ruby Bones Release Jaw Dropping New Single "Heart of Darkness"

Brooklyn based indie trio Ruby Bones have just unveiled their scorching hot new single "Heart of Darkness" that premiered via Consequence of Sound last month. The song has a neat, sonic progression with a bevy of melodies that move at a fast and furious pace, but at just the right speed for you to take notice of the downright sexy instrumentation at hand. The band is comprised of Chris Nova, FC Spies, and James Janocha whom you may remember from his time in Twin Berlin, a Boston based group that tore it up back here in Beantown and was featured numerous times before here on the site as well. This song is equal parts dazzling and groundbreaking as it smashes the stereotypical rock song to pieces, and doesn't adhere to a standard formula as it goes by its own principles and doesn't hold back any punches. It's especially fulfilling to help out a old friend in James who slays it on drums as always much like he did back in the Twin Berlin days, and to see him be part of such an enthralling and kickass project definitely makes me excited as hell for the new record. An immensely enticing new act that is most certainly worth your while.

To check out "Heart of Darkness" for yourself" , it's available on their Soundcloud site right over here and for more on Ruby Bones please 'Like' them on Facebook directly located over here and follow their shenanigans and hijinks on Twitter over here, and stay in tuned via their official website over at this site here for more in depth info regarding them, including possible shows to the Boston area sometime soon.

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