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Portland, ME Based Americana Outfit The Ghosts of Johnson City Gearing for 2/7 Release of New LP &qu

Photo Credit: Jim Vernier

From the outskirts of Portland, ME comes the Americana infused sounds of The Ghosts of Johnson City, whom are gearing to release their brand new LP "The Devil's Gold" on February 7th. The group have a down home, darkly lit Americana sound that bares some resemblance to The Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars, but their own musical fingerprint is embedded within that gives them much musical depth and wisdom. I'm a huge admirer of Americana music in general, and what this collective does is tell a story to the audience waiting in the winds to make them be involved with their musicality, and also provide some comfort as the cruel core of winter gets ready to churn up. These guys have been featured before here on the site a couple of years ago with their first LP "Am I Born To Die?" that really put their name on the map. With this new effort, the group hope to capitalize on the success of that effort and increase visibility of the group that is starting to slope on the upswing right about now. An immensely talented group that is almost sure to break big this year.

For more on The Ghosts of Johnson City, please 'Like' them on Facebook via this channel here, and visit their official homepage over here for more in depth info regarding the group.

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