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Dizzyride Set To Play O'Brien's Later Tonight In Support of New Self-Titled LP

With roots both in Montreal and Venice, Dizzyride are set to hit up O'Brien's in Allston later tonight as the duo tour behind their just released, self-titled LP. The pairing of Zoe Kiefl & Nicola Dona have a potent musical chemistry that is evident from the first note, and you really begin to gain a sense of what they're like musically as the songs progress. I myself listened intently to find out more about the duo, and they seem to share this inate musical bond that just billows and develops over time to create this certain magic that can't adequately be explained, but you're enthralled at experincing firsthand. The sound can best be described as a psychedelia infused soul and if that doesn't grab your attention at first, I don't know what will! An immensely enticing act that is definitely worthy of checking out for the first time.

For more info on tonight's show and to get tickets and/or RSVP, click on this link over here and for more on Dizzyride please 'Like' them on Facebook over here, and check out more of this music from Soundcloud via this channel here.

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