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Brooklyn Based Electric Popper Reigen Gets You Ready For The "Weekend" on New Single

Photo Credit: Claudia Veizaga

Brooklyn based electric pop artist Reigen makes an indelible first impression on his brand new single "Weekend". His voice is soulful and beautiful amidst the backdrop of the electric pop beats bursting at every frame, and you really begin to swoon and fall head over heels over this blissful musical explosion happening right in front of your eyes. I thought something was special right from the get go instantly as I heard him, it was mostly his voice that I was gravitating towards that sort of made me think he had a R&B/soul flare to his sound that gives him an added advantage and multifaceted persona to balance his character as well. His ability to traverse genres and think across the spectrum really puts him in a class all his own. Reigen is a remarkably talented artist with a beautiful voice that will most certainly carry him a long way and is definitely his bread and butter when it comes to getting his music across. Definitely make it your mission to check out his new song this "Weekend"!

To check out "Weekend" in its entirety, it's available on Soundcloud over here and for more on Reigen, you can give him a 'Like' on Facebook directly located here and follow him on Twitter at this locale here.

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