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Experience London's Deaf Havana And Their Stunning New LP "All These Countless Nights"

There's a band causing some ruckus and mayhem across the pond in merry old London, and it's none other than Deaf Havana and their brand new studio album "All These Countless Nights". The album is a beautiful, complex affair with a bevy of upbeat tunes that is misleading due to the press pic above that indicates that this is a darker affair. Although it's far from it, and presents some of the most melodically explosive anthems known to the common man, similar to that of The Ratells and Airborne Toxic Event with that same adoring audience attention that most bands take years to develop. Deaf Havana have definitely stumbled upon something that is truly special and incendiary, and they are right in the middle of a musical awakening of sorts with brilliant lyricism, humming choruses, and a strong sense of audience participation singing along the words that makes this LP a surprise contender for album of the year for 2017 only 1 month in. Deaf Havana are truly a special act, and it's only a matter of time before everyone across the globe will be screaming their name in unison. A fantastic album that you should be picking up right now!

To check out "All These Countless Nights" in full, it's available on most streaming outlets including Napster and Spotify, and for more on Deaf Havana please 'Like' them on Facebook over at the spot here and follow them on Twitter via this channel here.

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