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UK Based Allman Brown Lays Down The "Sweetest Thing" on New Single

Photo Credit: Jodie Canwell

London bred singer songwriter Allman Brown makes his presence known on his brand new single "Sweetest Thing" from his brand new album 1000 Years that just came out today. Allman evokes the sensibilities of fellow Brit Ed Sheeran with his own unique personality that tugs at the heartstrings and melts your heart instantly on contact with its mesmerizing melodies and unflinching candor that is beyond breathtaking. There's something unique among British bred singer songwriters and all artists from the U.K. in general, and the common thread that unites them all together is the way that they are all trained in the U.K. that is far superior to the music training here in the States, The way that the Brits evoke emotion and getting their message across to fans across the pond and worldwide in general is beyond compelling, and is one of the primary reasons why I'm so obsessed with British artists in general. A stunning and breakthrough talent that is on the cusp of something special with his music.

To check out "Sweetest Thing" for yourself, it's available for streaming on his Soundcloud site right over here, and for more on Allman Brown please 'Like' him on Facebook at this locale here and follow him on Twitter via this perch over here.

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