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Berklee Kids Harry Jay & The Bling Bring The Funk On New Single "Brother Be Wise"

Berklee based outfit Harry Jay & The Bling are funking things up with their scorching hot new single "Brother Be Wise". The song has a bevy of funk based melodies to allow you to move along to the groove right from the start, and gain easy access to the band's collective consciousness that is brimming with such musical diversity that it's hard to keep track of. Being based at Berklee, they've amassed a large collection of musical knowledge that suits them well for the future, and positions them in the best spot possible to really get noticed by everyone in listening range of their music. It took me awhile to get deeply immersed in their music, but once I was knee deep in their sound I was infatuated and didn't need any further convincing as to what these guys could do to satisfy my musical soul. Shout out to Green Line Records from Northeastern University for discovering these guys, who consistently are discovering new, cutting edge talent that are truly destined to make big waves in the future. An immensely promising act that you should be listening to right now!

To check out "Brother Be Wise" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Soundcloud at this spot here and for more on Harry Jay & The Bling please give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this junction here and follow their adventures on Twitter from over here, and check out their official homepage here for more in depth info regarding them.

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