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NJ/MA Based The Hannas Create An Enticing Punk Blend On "The Bend"

With roots from both New Jersey and Boston, The Hannas are crafting a fast and furious punk blend on their latest EP titled "The Bend". The band have a raw, fast paced intensity to them that is equal parts refreshing and invigorating as it shows a band that are sticking to their laurels, and doing what suits them best and not veering too off course in the process. What I loved from these guys from the outset was their youth and musical tastes that are evident when you first hear them that sort of hearkens back to the DIY movement of the early 00's where bands were performing at countless VFW halls and community centers just to get themselves noticed. These guys have that same intensity as I saw from those groups back then, and their live sets are definitely ones where the temperature raises exponentially, just enough for the guys to work up a sweat and shed a few shirts in the process that will greatly attract the audience to these fine looking gents who are looking to increase their musical footing up the mountain.

To check out "The Bend" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Bandcamp over here and for more on The Hannas, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here to stay in touch with all of the group's musical exploits, plus up and coming shows to the Boston area as well. Their music is also available on iTunes over here and Spotify among streaming music outlets.

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