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Boston's Own Dream Rock Quartet Dreamer & Son Release Stylish Music Vid For "Cheat&quot

Boston based dream rock collective known as Dreamer & Son have released their spiffy music video for the song "Cheat". The clip shows the band playing against a pink backdrop, all while various couples hang out on a loveseat as the song plays in the background creating an intimate atmosphere where love runs amok, fulfilling the emotional needs and wants of everyone in the room and melding in well with the song's carefree nature. What I liked about the vid was its simplistic nature, and how it didn't have to go too over the top in getting its message across to the audience. A lot of times, bands go over the production budget in their vids, creating intricate storylines that can sometimes get too cheesy and follow the script of some rom-com Hollywood flick. With this vid, the band realize they don't have to implement any of those tactics, and instead create something that is more geared towards who they are as individuals, and what message they're trying to convey to their audience as well. A remarkable vid from a promising up and coming act that we should be paying some more attention to.

For more on Dreamer & Son, give them a 'Like' on Facebook at this locale here, follow their adventures on Twitter from right over here, and visit their official homepage for more in depth info surrounding them over here.

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