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Boston's Own Radclyffe Hall To Hit Up Great Scott Next Sat. 4/1 w/ Raine & Photocomfort

Boston's own pride and joy Radclyffe Hall are gearing up for a big local show happening next Saturday 4/1 when they grace the stage at Great Scott in Allston along with the likes of Raine and Photocomfort. Radclyffe Hall have been climbing up the local music pedestal in Boston for some time with their hypnotic style and defined musicality that is most evident on their brand new single "The Throne". The band evokes the stylistic trend of M.I.A. with a sonic progression that is all their own, complete with innate musical breakdowns that shows how the group communicates effectively with each other in the studio as they put these compositions together. To see the results of their labor come to fruition is equal parts stunning and mind boggling as the group continues to evolve their sound as they go along, showcasing the immense beauty and creative ingenue that has the group on the cusp of achieving something special this year. A hypnotic group that is most certainly worthy of checking out in person if you haven't already.

For more info on next Saturday's show, click on the FB event listing here and to buy tickets click on this link over here. Don't forget to 'Like' the band on Facebook via this channel here to stay in tune with all of the group's musical happenings.

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