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Miami Marlins Player Walk Up Music

Kicking off our annual countdown to MLB's Opening Day with a peek at a few teams around baseball to see where their music pulse lies. Today, we shine a spotlight on the Miami Marlins. The Marlins are always a team looking to make some noise in the regular season day in and day out, and with a young group of core players at their disposal the future is definitely looking bright. A big shadow was cast over the team back in September when their ace pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident, shaking the very foundation of the team to its core as everyone around baseball mourned the death of a promising young pitcher who was on the cusp of becoming the next great MLB superstar. The team will be wearing #16 patches on their jersey to commemorate Jose's legacy, and the current young group of players such as Christian Yelich and Dee Gordon are thrust into leadership roles as the team looks to press on. Here are the song choices for this year's lineup:

AJ Ramos - Kanye West "Power"

One of the vaunted members of the pitching staff AJ Ramos has this choice tune from Kanye West as his walk up song. AJ has displayed alot of skill and promise during his time with the Marlins, anchoring up a fine bullpen and will be moving into closing duties for this season. With a sharp fastball and an effective pitch selection arsenal to choose from, Ramos will definitely have a lot of focus on him this year and move forward as the team looks to move out of the doldrums of the NL East where they have resided for quite some time.

Andrew Cashner - Cole Swindell "Chillin' It"

A new member of the Marlins pitching staff acquired via trade last summer looks to shore up the starting rotation as Andrew Cashner has this down home country tune from Cole Swindell to keep him in check during his jog out to the mound. Since coming over from the Padres in July, Cashner has been a total workhorse during most of his career with his hard nosed mentality and his thick and luscious beard becoming the envy of fellow players and fans who seek to emulate his lumbersexual look to a degree. Many people are stoked to have him on board, and he is definitely a formidable piece in this promising new look rotation.

Christian Yelich - Drake "Cameras"

The talented and versatile left fielder Christian Yelich has this sweet Drake tune as his walk up song. Christian has definitely been the talk of the town over the last few years with the Marlins, enticing fans with his batting presence at the plate and his continued and sharp power increases over the years has made him a true and bona fide stud in and out. His ever increasing good looks and bulked up build have made him one of the stars of this franchise as it looks to mold and harbor its identity. Christian is definitely poised to break the door wide open in 2017.

Dee Gordon - DJ Esco "Married To The Game"

Vaunted second baseman Dee Gordon has this upbeat tune from DJ Esco to keep his head in the game during his walk up to the plate. Known best as a member of the Dodgers, Dee has been a valuable member of the lineup with his sharp hitting skills, and superb defense that has come in critical during clutch in game situations that sometimes sees himself risking limbs just to make a quick grab to get his guy out. There is no question that he has tremendous talent and will definitely come through for more critical game situations this year for sure.

Giancarlo Stanton - Rick Ross & Jay-Z "Know What I Got"

The uber superstar of the game and incredibly large individual Giancarlo Stanton has this cool Rick Ross & Jay-Z tune as his amp up music. Giancarlo has been a hot name in and around Miami over the last few years with his explosive batting skills, blasting homeruns into the upper echelon of Marlins Park that sometimes travels 500 feet away and is always looked at as the core of the Marlins offensive firepower. Since signing a massive contract with the team a few years ago, he has been a massive fan favorite for his skills and also for his incredibly large stature in general with his defined muscles becoming his trademark.

Ichiro Suzuki - Snoop Dogg "2001"

The legendary and unstoppable presence of ichiro Suzuki is here with this classic tune from Snoop Dogg as his walk up song. Known mostly from his time with the Mariners, Ichiro has made a name for himself with his unique batting style, sleek and versatile power at the plate, and his vaunted defense in the outfield that has made him a polarizing and honorable presence in the lineup each and every time. Even though Ichiro is 43 years old, he is still a valuable player to have in your lineup every day and looks to go out on a memorable note.

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