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Texas Rangers Player Music Roundup

Continuing our look at around MLB in advance for Opening Day, and today we shine a spotlight on the Texas Rangers. Texas has been a constant presence in the postseason, however they've faced a degree of difficulty in the last 2 seasons, failing to advance to the championship round for consecutive years and losing to the Toronto Blue Jays in which one year a melee broke out after Jose Bautista's bat flip that reaching an epic level of proportions. The Rangers have a very deep offensive lineup with Adrian Beltre and Mike Napoli making his return after a successful stint in Cleveland. Buoyed by the rock soild starting pitching of Cole Hamels and Yu Darvish back from Tommy John surgery, this team looks stacked and ready to make a deep charge and some heavy noise this season. Here are the player's walk up song choices:

Adrian Beltre - Los Teke Teke "El Teke Teke"

The legendary and uber dependable third baseman has some Latin flavored music to keep him occupied on his journey to the plate. Adrian has spent some time with the Mariners beforehand, so he knows how to fit in and mesh well with a club and on the Rangers, he brings a lot of character and versatility when it comes to powering an offense. He is sometimes seen dropping to one knee after hitting towering moon shots, and also doesn't like to get his head touched when he gets mobbed at the plate after a big HR or a walk off hit. It's these reasons alone why Beltre is one of the most dynamic and feared hitters around baseball today.

Carlos Gomez - Jay-Z "Big Pimpin'"

Another character on the team is outfielder Carlos Gomez, who has this classic Jay-Z tune as his walk up song. Known mostly from his time with the Brewers where he was sometimes a little brash and abrasive, it was all for the good of the game and is sometimes a little misinterpreted at times. When inserted in the lineup, he comes just as advertised with his spectacular catches in the outfield, and dependable offensive presence that comes in handy when a clutch hit or run is desperately needed. A dynamic player that any team would kill just to have on their bench.

Cole Hamels - AWOLNation "Sail"

The ace of the pitching staff has this popular AWOLNation tune as his mound music. Hamels was an outstanding pitcher for the Phillies, racking up a ton of innings pitched in addition to a World Series championship with the team back in '08. Cole always give you at least 7 or 8 innings on the mound, and has a rich diversity of pitches to keep opposing hitters off balance and create a dynamic game plan that works to a T each and every time. It's a big win for Texas that they were able to work out a deal for him as he's the ace guy that the team desperately needs.

Yu Darvish - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em "Crank That"

The ace of the Rangers pitching staff makes his triumphant return this year with this hip-hop hit from Soulja Boy Tell 'Em a few years back. Yu is coming off Tommy John surgery that derailed his momentous rise to stardom with Texas that cast a big question mark for the team heading into Spring Training. The fireballer consistently throws upwards into the mid 90's with his fastball and almost had a perfect game on Opening Day back in 2013. Yu's fireballing delivery and hunky charm that makes women swoon is one of the reasons why Texas is always in it year in and year out. As long as Darvish stays healthy, the team is definitely going to reach their goals.

Mike Napoli - Huey "Pop Lock and Drop It"

Another player making a comeback with the Rangers is none other than Mike Napoli, who has this hip-hop tune from Huey as his music choice. Mike is a beast to have in your lineup every day, with his chiseled features, unbuttoned jersey showing off his exposed chest, and of course his flowing beard that is sort of the face of the franchise in a way and defines Texas's grit and charm as well. Napoli has been a clutch hitter for most of his life, coming up big for the team in their 2011 World Series against the Cardinals where he hit a memorable homerun, and finally winning a title with the Red Sox in 2013. Napoli's personality and charm works wonders for everyone he meets, especially his teammates.

Roughned Odor - Daddy Yankee "Alerta Roja"

The hot up and coming second baseman has this Latin flavored hip-hop tune courtesy of Daddy Yankee as his walk up tune. Odor has been a phenomenal second baseman for the team, coming up big with diving stops and a relentless batting prowess at the plate that makes him a tough out each and every time. With an immense amount of energy, that kind of power can come in useful when it comes to defending teammates or getting in fisticuffs with opposing players as Roughned has been in the middle of plenty of scuffles over the last couple of years. Having that guy covering and blocking for you really fills you with that much amount of pride and satisfaction to be on the same team as him.

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