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Boston Indie Duo bird.bird Releases Enchanting New Effort "Blue Egg"

Boston based indie duo bird.bird have just released their captivating new album "Blue Egg". The 9 track effort is an easy going, very intriguing effort that shows the warmth and beauty of these outstandingly talented gentlemen. Composed of Mike Healey and Cooper Evans, these two guys put together their combined creative ingenue into something truly awe inspiring and beautiful beyond compare as it doesn't take you long to fall in love with what these guys have created. This effort is actually the second of a two part series of solo albums that if you really get into it, is an amalgamation of Mike and Cooper's musical influences that you can see the breakdown of in their musical DNA. I was totally enthralled and in love with these guys from the start, and they are definitely not your average up and coming local indie band who have their own style and swagger that needs to be heard in order to be believed. An extremely promising up and coming act that is most certainly bound to be going places in the future.

To check out "Blue Egg" in full, check it out on their Bandcamp page right here, and for more on bird.bird please give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter via this perch over here.

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