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Boston Red Sox Music Special

Wrapping our annual MLB Player Music series with a look at the hometown boys, the Boston Red Sox! The Sox most certainly won the offseason, acquiring their man Chris Sale in a blockbuster trade that added another formidable weapon to their pitching staff. Coupled with David Price and Cy Young winner Rick Porcello, the guys have no question the best staff in the AL East if not the entire league. The team is trying to bounce back after a division series loss last year at the hands of the Cleveland Indians that left some fans with bitter tastes in their mouth. With young up and comers like Mookie Betts and future Rookie of The Year candidate Andrew Benintendi, the team is driven more now than ever before to capitalize on the spirit of their youth right now. And without further ado, here are the player's walk up song choices:

Andrew Benintendi - Locash "I Love This Life"

Starting off the list with the young up and comer that is all the talk about town, Andrew Benintendi with this hip-hop tune from Locash as his walk up tune. Benintendi has come up as advertised since being called up last summer, and has provided the team with that kind of young, flashy swagger that gives the team added character. Just thinking about the spectacular catch he made in a game against Tampa Bay last year sends chills up everyone's spine of just how talented Andrew really is. With ever increasing offensive firepower since bulking up this offseason, this handsome hunk is becoming the face of the Red Sox franchise right before our very eyes.

Brock Holt Reckless Kelly "Ragged As The Road"

Another young stud of the team Brock Holt has this down home country tune from Reckless Kelly as his walk up song of choice. Brock is the type of guy that when you ask him to do something, he'll damn well do it. He has played pretty much every position except pitcher, making him the ultra dependable utility player that you can insert anywhere in the lineup, and he'll make spectacular plays in whatever position he is in. You just don't see players of Brock's caliber every day, and the ability to play multiple positions gives the Sox an immediate advantage and speaks to mind about the volume and quality of their farm system that is a constant source of the fountain of youth.

Chris Sale - Lil' Wayne "Fly In"

The Sox's prized acquisition this offseason has this classic hip-hop tune from Lil' Wayne as his entrance music. The young ace that fans were desperately clamoring for is now finally on the Sox doorstep as Chris Sale was acquired last Fall from the White Sox. You may remember the much publicized incident involving Chris from last summer where he destroyed a bunch of throwback White Sox uniforms in the clubhouse because he thought they were ugly, using a pair of scissors to completely mutilate them. After first hearing this, I thought the guy was completely nuts but also thought that he would be the perfect guy to insert at the top of the rotation to complement David Price. Sale's funky delivery and skinny frame have brought him loads of wins with his old Sox. But with a new pair of Sox on, Sale looks to continue his success and take them to a whole other stratosphere.

Joe Kelly - AFI "Miseria Cantare"

A former member of the Sox starting rotation switching over to the bullpen, Joe Kelly has this tune from AFI as his walk out song. Known mostly from his time with the Cardinals, Joe Kelly's tenure as a Sox starting pitcher was frustrating at times for most fans to witness, but Joe managed to turn it around in his relief stints with the team after transitioning over to the bullpen a couple of years ago. Joe definitely has the makeup to be a great pitcher with his solid pitch selection and changing pitch speeds, but it's just a matter of consistency to put it all together and he'll be in great shape.

Rick Porcello - Jimi Hendrix "All Along The Watchtower"

2016 AL Cy Young winner Rick Porcello has this classic Jimi Hendrix tune as his entrance song. Since signing a massive contract extension with the Sox a couple of years ago, many fans were disappointed with the results of the first season, but Rick managed to put it together in year 2 and won 22 games en route to an unexpected AL Cy Young award that solidified the trust being put forth by the Red Sox brass and ownership in their decision to sign Porcello to a rich contract. He has a rich diversity of pitches and off speed stuff to throw opposing batters off balance. Rick is definitely a likable guy and is en route to a long and promising career if he continues churning in the seasons like he did last year.

Robbie Ross Jr. - Soggy Bottom Boys "Man of Constant Sorrow"

An anchoring part of the rotation from Texas has this down home country tune from Soggy Bottom Boys to remind him of his Southern roots. Robbie has been a tremendous addition to the bullpen since coming over from the Texas Rangers a couple of years back with his workhorse delivery and ridiculous pitch selection that becomes almost mind boggling to watch. It's amazing to see just how good he is on the mound, and always answers the ring of the bell with his trot out to the mound with his traditional top buttons on his jersey unbuttoned so that people can see the exposed chest, and his true manliness that manifests itself well on the mound.

Xander Bogaerts - Rihanna "Needed Me"

Rounding out the list is the perennial shortstop sometimes just referred to as X, Xander Bogaerts with this neat Rihanna tune as his walk up song. Xander has been the model of consistency since being called up back in 2013, and is part of the new youth movement that is now extant with the Red Sox along with Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Andrew Benintendi among others. Xander has a fantastic offensive presence at the plate, along with spectacular defense at shortstop which is a hole that the Sox had struggled to find consistency in for some time. With Xander leading the charge, there is no telling how high his ceiling and how much of an impact he's had on this team to date.

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