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NJ/Brooklyn Based Indie Rockers Ruby Bones Prep For Self Titled Debut Album on 5/12

With roots in Brooklyn and New Jersey, Ruby Bones is gearing up to make 2017 their break out year with their self-titled debut album set to be released on May 12th. The band is an innovative, exciting young act that goes about their business in a different manner than most other bands, and manages to completely incinerate and penetrate you with their musical prowess. The trio of Chris Nova, FC Spies, and James Janocha create for a truly exciting outfit that each all have their individual and unique personalities that when combined, is truly a sight to behold and hear. You may remember these guys from a feature I did on them a few months ago, and I commented on how their style was a equal parts garage rock mixed in with indie that you just don't see too often. Drummer James Janocha was of course part of the local outfit Twin Berlin for quite some time where he plowed through many a sets sweating up a storm, and is doing pretty much the same thing with Ruby Bones albeit at a different playing style. Definitely go and check out the music vid for the title track up above as the band's vivid and unorthodox style manifests itself well in the imagery which combines zombie like cinematography and shots of the band playing on a dock, which all adds to the brilliance of a very hot and promising up and coming act.

To pre-order their self titled release, head on over to their Bandcamp site right over here, and you'll instantly get the title track free of charge and the rest of the album will be made available on 5/12. 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their travels on Twitter at this junction here to see if they'll be stopping by Boston relatively soon.

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