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MusicBoxPete Launches GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign

Today is a proud moment and the next step in the evolution of MusicBoxPete, as I'm proud to announce today the first ever crowdfunding campaign for the site on GoFundMe. This is an endeavor that I thought about for some time now, and now seems like a better time than any to bring this campaign to the forefront! Since launching the site back in November 2009, my main dream and goal was to at some point in time, find a way to somehow make a living out of doing this site. More recently, with the increased site traffic and social media presence that the site has experienced, it's a no-brainer to turn that readership into something even more meaningful, and that's why I decided to launch this crowdfunding endeavor.

With your support, money raised will go towards marketing and promotions and taking the MusicBoxPete name to a whole new level. Also, you'll receive various gifts and goodies for your donations that bear the MusicBoxPete name and logo such as postcards, stickers, and T-shirts. Support at the $10 level gets you a MusicBoxPete postcard and sticker pack. A donation at the $25 level gets you a MusicBoxPete t-shirt, postcard, and sticker pack, along with a limited edition show poster featuring Today Junior from the show that MusicBoxPete put on at SoundLion back in 2015. When you donate $40, you'll receive the MusicBoxPete t-shirt, postcard, and sticker pack, along with a personal handwritten note from myself taken from the pages of my personal journal thanking you for your support.

Your support will ensure that MusicBoxPete continues to be a haven for up and coming Boston based artists for years to come. To donate and for more info on the GoFundMe campaign, simply click on this link here and please help spread the word about this endeavor. Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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