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Boston Outfit Mailman Carl Releases Brand New Self-Titled LP

Boston based Mailman Carl have just released their brand new self-titled LP on Bandcamp. If you're not familiar with these guys, their sound is mostly comprised of a rock/psychedelia infused blend with elements of folk and punk to strike off the balance, and bring in a amalgamation of each member's individual influences to create something that is truly wacky and out of this world. When I first listened to them, their music was all over the place and was kind of hard to find my musical footing at first. But gradually over time, I found my way with these guys and they really started to develop an impression on me with their musicality which is extremely impressive and most evident on the track "Phyrgia", which showcases the band's beauty and their ability to go against the grain of what is expected of them. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these guys and while it may take you some time to get used to the band's sound, in the long run it's well worth it and you'll find a local band that is all the more impressive for laying out their cards on the table. An intriguing local act that is worth discovering more.

To check out Mailman's Carl new LP, head on over to their Bandcamp site right over here and for more on the group, 'Like' them on Facebook here to stay in touch with all of the band's musical happenings, including shows that may be popping up in the area.

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