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Boston Roots Rockers Daemon Chili Drop New LP "Mercy of The Sea"

Photo Credit: Coleman Rogers

Boston based roots rock quintet Daemon Chili have released their brand new album just last week titled "Mercy of The Sea". The group have a raw, vivacious sound to them that has elements of blues and folk juxtaposed on top that provides for an entertaining and thorough mixture that really turns heads the moment you hit 'Play'. I was definitely impressed with what I heard from these gents, and they have a strong musicality to them that works wonders on anyone they come in contact with, and really showcases a type of music that is not common around this region. If you heard these guys for the first time, you would think they're from North Carolina or somewhere down South, but these guys are most certainly Boston bred and have an unbelievable musical chemistry to them that is mind blowing and jaw dropping to say the least, and makes you want to check them out in concert that much more. An enticing and remarkably talented group that is most certainly worth your while.

For more on Daemon Chili, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here to stay in tune with all of the band's musical updates. Follow the guys on Twitter from this locale here, and check out cuts from their new LP direct from their Soundcloud page conveniently located at this spot here.

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