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Philly Based Psych Rockers Needle Points Announce Itinerary For Spring Tour

Philly based psychedelia rockers Needle Points are gearing up to launch a Spring tour in support of their forthcoming studio effort "Feel Young". The group have vivacious musical personalities to complement their immense talents on record, which shows a harmonic balance and a bevy of the aforementioned psych influences to create a truly potent and intoxicating musical concoction. These guys really hit me from the get-go, and they have a special musical connection that is forged by their individual musical influences that when mixed together, create something that is really out of this world and unlike anything else that is currently out there in the scene. Psychedelia influenced rock can be a pretty enticing musical genre as it gives off an uninhibited vibe that brings the crowd out in droves who

really resonate with the musical message the band are trying to give off. A fantastic act that is definitely starting to cause some ruckus and mayhem all around.

For more on Needle Points, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook at this junction here. Check out more in depth info about the group over here, plus links to stream their music and possible tour dates to the Boston area as well.

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