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Brooklyn/LA Based The Bottom Dollars Set To Play Plough and Stars in Cambridge on 4/29

Photo Credit: Bex Griffin

With roots in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, The Bottom Dollars are set to make their sounds known to local listeners when they drop by The Plough and Stars in Cambridge this weekend on Sat. 4/29. The band have a fresh, no nonsense blend of rock and roll that doesn't feel the need to pull a fast one on the audience, and is very straightforward in its properties to offer to the listener. Rounding out the band is Mick Greenwood, whom you may remember from his time in the Boston based The Self Proclaimed Rockstars whom were featured on the early years of the site quite frequently for their freeform shows that resulted in plenty of fond memories from yours truly. Mick is looking to create some new memories with this outfit as The Bottom Dollars have a few similarities to SPR, and one thing that definitely sets them apart from all the others is their raw and potent musicality that can't be matched or compared to anyone else out there as they are their own musical genre in a sense, giving them a whole slew of musical weapons at their disposal to do some damage with. A promising act that is worthy of a look over in concert.

For more on Saturday's show also featuring No Ice and The Four Point Restraints, click on the Facebook Event listing here, and don't forget to 'Like' The Bottom Dollars while you're at it here and visit the band's official website here for more info and links to stream the band's music.

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