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Latvia/NY Indie-Glam Rockers Astra The 22s Drop New Track "Paris Love" From New LP Out Tom

Latvia raised and NYC based indie glam rockers Astra the 22s have just released their brand new single "Paris Love" from their EP of the same name that will be out tomorrow. The sound has a flashy, yet gritty vibe to it that sets the musical wheels in motion right away with the band's vibrant display of musicality and sheer musical talent. The four piece met in NYC back in 2011, and since then that has been their primary focus and finding ways to make their musical influences mesh well in the practice sessions, and bring the finished product to a willing and receptive audience who knows how to react to the music. I really enjoyed my first impression of the band, and they really seem to be finding their place and becoming largely comfortable in their own musical skin which will serve them well moving forward. An immensely enticing new act that definitely deserves all of our attention.

To check out "Paris Love" for yourself, it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right over here, and for more on Astra the 22s please 'Like' them on Facebook conveniently located right here, and follow their adventures on Twitter at this spot here for more in depth info on when they'll be playing next.

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