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Manchester, UK's A Band Called Jack Don't Give In On New Single "Kiss Me'

Manchester, UK based folk outfit A Band Called Jack have released their stunning new single titled "Kiss Me". The pure, unadulterated melodies will bring some color to your life and enrich the surrounding musical foundation of your life also. The group derive their influences from local contemporaries like Mumford & Sons to create a stunning musical backdrop that is reflective of their surroundings and proud British heritage where you really begin to derive a sense of their personalities just by listening to them. Of course with the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester earlier this week, our hearts obviously go out to those affected and their families. One thing A Band Called Jack are doing is not relenting and giving in to the cowardly acts that disrupted such a peaceful and prosperous community such as Manchester, and one thing the band have been doing recently is busking out on the streets that has brought the whole community together, and that is the magic and beauty of music in general is its ability to heal and bond during times of grief and agony especially right here and now. An immensely gifted and talented group that is deserving of some love across the pond.

To take a listen to "Kiss Me", it's available on their Soundcloud page right over here and for more on A Band Called Jack, 'Like' them on Facebook over at this perch here, and follow them on Twitter over here to stay in touch across the Atlantic.

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