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Punk Blues Masters Dead Trains Set For Early Evening Show This Sun. 6/18 @ Wonder Bar

Boston based punk blues sensations Dead Trains are set to electrify Wonder Bar in Allston this Sun. 6/18 for an early evening show featuring the likes of Nomad Stones and Pushflowers. The guys are definitely a real treat to watch unfurl musically right before your very eyes and ears, moving at a fast pace but moving at just the right tempo for you to take notice of the musical mastery being put forth right in front of you. The trio of Matt Axten, Natan Keyes, and Steve Olson have been soldiering at this act for a number of years right now, building up their creativity into an act that defines the Allston mindset and their hard working nature as musicians to never waver and give in when times get rough. It's their hard nosed mentality that has gotten them to this point, and if you want to see Matt and Natan's musical progressions bouncing off one another, coupled with Steve's sweaty and furious percussion beats coming at you every which way, it would definitely be worth your while to attend this show to get the full brunt of their musical message.

For more on Sunday's show, please RSVP via the FB Event listing here and while you're at it, 'Like' the gents over here, and stream their music on Bandcamp conveniently located here and on Soundcloud via this channel here.

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