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CT's Own Bonsai Trees To Buddy Up w/ Manic Pixi Next Sat. 6/24 @ O'Brien's

Connecticut based indie duo Bonsai Trees are gearing up to take to the stage when they join Manic Pixi and others for a big local show next Sat. 6/24 at O'Brien's right in the heart of Allston. Bonsai Trees have been gaining some steam as of late with their brand new single "You Owe Me" that shows the group's fresh and inviting rhythms that burst right out of the musical box, and just gain in traction and attention all the way throughout. The duo consists of James MacPherson on vocals and guitar and Nick Sokol on drums, and they each offer up something unique and creative to bring to the musical table that really speaks to mind about the musical bond that the two have built over the years. James's pristine vocals and swooning good looks just add volumes about the depth of talent he has, and which he also has some solo material that is worthy of checking out on YouTube. Nick's drum skills allow the tunes to have some flash and big name cache that bring the tunes to living color both on record and in concert where many people will be introduced to the group for the first time. These guys are definitely on the cusp of achieving something special with their music, and it's only a matter of time before everyone will be shouting their name in unison within the crowd.

For more info on next weekend's show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on Bonsai Trees, 'Like' them right here to stay in tune with their updates, follow them on Twitter here, check out their official homepage at this spot here, and check out their new single "You Owe Me" now available on their Bandcamp site conveniently located over here.

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