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Boston's Own Alex Navarro Learns That "Pride Is Cruel" On New LP

Boston based singer-songwriter Alex Navarro has just released his brand new studio effort titled "Pride Is Cruel". The brilliance and talent of Alex clearly shines on this masterful debut effort that showcases his poignant and emotionally affecting voice really endowing listeners to sit down and take notice. Alex's stock is most certainly going to rise after more people have caught wind of it, and what's most remarkable about Alex is his ability to let listeners inside his emotional psyche that is equal parts fragile and beautiful, where you immediately begin to draw an impression of who he is as a person. It's almost as if I've known Alex my entire life, and I'm more better off knowing him as he represents the full and broad range of emotions that we all feel at some point during our lives, and gives us hope and clarity as we try to figure out which way our life is geared towards. It's not too often that we encounter an emotional narrator who can give us perspective on our own lives, and that's exactly what Alex has accomplished here and is definitely an album that you'll want to have a look at during your time off this summer.

For more on Alex Navarro, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook over at this channel here, and check out his official homepage right here for even more info about him, and you can listen to "Pride Is Cruel" now available on most digital streaming music platforms.

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