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LA Based Synth Popper NYIKO Releases Brand New Music Vid For "You Know I Loved It"

Originally based from Burlington, VT but now living out in Los Angeles comes the synth pop sounds of NYIKO, who has just released his lush new music video for the song "You Know I Loved It". The clip features NYIKO driving through a multiplexing color scheme that melds in beautifully with the cinematic wonder of the clip that has a bevy of synth laden tunes to immediately make the listener feel at ease. NYIKO has been featured on the site a few times before, and I immediately marveled at his talents and ability to think creatively outside of the box that has made him such a premiere talent to watch. If you're not a fan of electro pop, you'll certainly find a way to appreciate his creative and individual talents that make him such a riveting and remarkable talent to watch and listen to. An immensely satisfying clip that is most certainly worth your while.

For more on NYIKO, please give him a 'Like' on Facebook from this channel here and check out his official website over here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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