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Local Garage Rockers The Maxims Release Alluring Self-Titled EP

Local Boston garage rockers The Maxims released their debut, self-titled EP last month and it's definitely one you'll want to have on repeat throughout the summer. The disc is a vivacious, fun collection of tunes that showcases a wealth of diversity emanating strongly from these wizards who know how to inject some groove and sophistication into their music. What makes them unique is their ability to traverse genres, and offer up something different than most other bands out there to keep fans on their doorstep, in wonderment on what they're going to do next. I was more than thrilled with what I heard from these guys, and I'll most certainly be in attendance at one of their upcoming local shows where the music is even more potent and you get an even better grasp of the mindset and creative juices that are flowing like a river right in front of you. An impressive local act that you'll definitely want to keep an watchful eye on in the coming months.

To take a listen to The Maxims self-titled EP, it's available on iTunes, Spotify, and a host of other digital streaming platforms, and for more on The Maxims please 'Like' them on Facebook from directly over here and follow them on Twitter from this perch here.

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