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Ontario Based Psych Rockers The Crowleys Look To See The "L.A. Sunset" on New Single

From Hamilton, Ontario in Canada comes the psych infused sounds of The Crowley's, who have just released their brand new single called "L.A. Sunset". The band has a strong dream pop landscape attached to their music, coupled with the aforementioned psych effects that are used to a great degree to create a sense of comfort and relaxation where the listener falls at ease almost right away. Their music is downright beautiful from the first note, and I felt myself listening to this song in particular more intently to get a better sense of the different musical grooves that are omnipresent around every corner. These guys have a strong musical self-esteem and worth that is evident when you hear them for the first time, and they have a clear and distinct vision of where their music lies and where their musical path is being forged down the way. I loved these guys immensely, and I'm sure your heart will skip a beat for these lovely Canadians who know to craft a spot in your heart and burrow inside neatly snug up in between for quite awhile.

To take a listen to "L.A. Sunset", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud over here, and for more on The Crowley's please 'Like' them on Facebook over here, and check out more of their music on Bandcamp from this junction right here.

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