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Brooklyn Based Indies OxenFree Release Raucous New Single "Garbage Collector"

Brooklyn based indie rockers OxenFree have released their wild and frenetic new single titled "Garbage Collector". The tune bares some similarities to their garage rock contemporaries The Strokes, but with a more modern sensibility attached to them that makes them aurally attractive right from the gate. The band have a electric stage presence that really encapsulates the magic captured on record and translates itself well into a live setting. I found these guys to be very appealing, and they each all have an edge to them that suits themselves well for the long run and haul as they definitely have a vibe that is refreshing, and will allow audience members to grasp onto every note they're playing and become loyal followers in the process. You'll definitely find a common ground with these talented folks who have a real knack for acting a little outside of the box and irregularly at times, but it's all the more reason to love the hell out of them and appreciate them for who they are as people.

To take a listen to "Garbage Collector", it's now available on Bandcamp right here and for more on OxenFree, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this channel here and visit their official website at this spot here for more in depth info surrounding them.

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