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Portland, ME Exports Five of The Eyes Release Insane New Single "Mirrors"

Based out of Portland, ME comes the hard edged sounds of Five of The Eyes and their deep new single "Mirrors". The song comes from a hard rock aesthetic, but is a low key track at the same time featuring some low tempo guitar riffs and simplistic vocals that really makes for an indelible first impression right from the start. I must say this isn't what I was expecting from the guys upon first listen as I was anticipating a more harder edged track, but it's a welcome surprise for a group that have a strong musical friendship and bond that is evident as you listen to the track in full. While they're classified as being a prog rock band, the guys definitely have a unique way of bringing in elements from other genres to balance everything out, and make their sound aurally pleasing to fans from other genres to bring in an entire cross section of fans who all have an equal devotion of music, and will bring about a bond over their shared love for this band as well. An immensely intriguing tune that is worthy of adding to your playlists right now as we speak.

To check out "Mirrors" for yourself, it's embedded below for your listening pleasure and for more on Five of The Eyes, 'Like' them on Facebook from this perch here and check out their official homepage conveniently located over here for more info surrounding the gents.

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