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Nashville's Own Pujol Sets Its Sights On Boston for 10/24 O'Brien's Show

Nashville based gothic rockers Pujol are gearing up to make an appearance in the Boston area next week when they take the stage at O'Brien's in Allston on October 24th. The group is comprised of a six piece featuring Daniel Pujol, Eric Benick, Ronnie Marsh, Brett Rosenberg, Benji Coale, and Ian Sundstrom. Daniel is promoting a spoken word album titled "Political Errors" that shows a completely different facet of his imagination that we haven't had the opportunity to experience up until now. It's a unique blend of poetry and music conjoined together into one intriguing blend that is worthy of delving into further. I'm not well versed in the spoken word genre, but this effort definitely looks like one to take a glance of as it offers up something that is not like the other releases out there, and presents a different view of the world we live in, and the artistic and creative ingenue that Daniel possesses with his outfit. If you're looking for a different sort of concert experience, this is one that you'll definitely want to witness firsthand to see how it matches up.

For more on Pujol, give them a "Like' on Facebook from this spot here, and check out their official homepage here for more in depth info regarding the band, including links to streaming their music in which they're working on new material right now as we speak that should see the light of day pretty soon.

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