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Boston Indie Folksters Strangers By Accident Take You To "Seattle" on New Single

Boston based indie folk collective Strangers By Accident have just released their mesmerizing new single "Seattle". The song is a stunning, beautiful track that is unrelenting in its mission to bring unheralded emotion to the forefront with melodic guitar blasts, incredible vocals, and a sonic mission like no other that will leave you with your mouth open the whole time. You may remember the group from the feature I did on them last year, and I was blown away at their new music that shows an evolution that is far beyond than even what the band would have expected. Evolving into a four piece has made the group even more potent and emotionally charging than ever before, and with that change comes a deviation in their sound that has made the group as a whole all the more better as a result. These types of indirect changes can have a long lasting effect that goes well beyond the spectrum, and has possibly changed the course of the band's career as a result. An amazing track that gets you into the feel of fall right away.

Check out Strangers By Accident playing their release show tonight at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge alongside the likes of The Solars and Atlas Lab. More info on the release show and RSVP via the FB Event listing here and to check out "Seattle" for yourself, it's available on Soundcloud right over here and for more on Strangers By Accident, 'Like' them on Facebook at this tent here, and check out their official website over here for more in depth info surrounding them. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming EP that should be out next month, right before Christmas.

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