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Macclesfield, UK Based Cassia Stun Listeners w/ Tropical New Single "Out of Her Mind"

From across the pond in Macclesfield, UK comes the tropicalia infused sounds of Cassia, who have just unleashed onto listeners their escapist and utterly beautiful new single "Out of Her Mind". The lovely lads have been making this sparkling, pristine music for a few years now, and going back to their single "1000 Times Over" that was featured here on the site a couple of years back, the guys are clearly crafting their own path that is taking them to places they never before dreamed possible. I loved the guys from the first note, and their sound defines a genre of music that is slowly gaining steam, and is one of the few bands that can duplicate the sounds of going to the beach so eloquently, and making listeners feel like they're digging their toes in the sand with them and bonding over music and each other. I definitely feel a strong connection with these guys, and it's only a matter of time before they bring themselves over in the U.S. where they'll be more than a warm reception for them. An incredible act that is required listening at this point.

To check out "Out of Her Mind" for yourself, it's available for listening on Soundcloud over here and for more on Cassia, please 'Like' them on Facebook right over here, follow them on Twitter at this spot here, and find more on the handsome gents via their official website at this perch here.

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