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Local Rock & Rollers Dutch Tulips Gear To Melt Faces @ The Lilypad on 4/5

Boston based rock outfit Dutch Tulips are gearing for a big show happening this Thursday 4/5 at The Lilypad in Cambridge. The band have been making friends left and right with their dynamic sound and lovable personalities that have made an indelible impression on concertgoers. The group consists of Jack Holland on vocals and guitar, Michael Holland on bass, Justin Mantell on guitar and synth, and Matt Freake on drums. The guys have an insanely high likability factor from the start, and it's based on this alone that you should come out and check the guys in concert as they play cuts from their debut EP released last month. And also, they'll be playing with my best buddies and forever brethren in Today Junior who are throwing a release party that evening, which gives you even more incentive to come out, have a beer, and watch some awesome local music being conceived right in front of you.

For more on Dutch Tulips, please give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook from over here, and check out their official homepage to get all the info on the boys as well from this spot here.

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