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Boston's Own Roots/Americana Duo The Lied To's Release New LP Today, "The Lesser of Two

Boston based roots/americana duo The Lied To's have released their brand new album today called "The Lesser of Two Evils". Comprised of Doug Kwartler and Susan Levine, the two draw on their experiences from being single parents coming off amidst bitter divorces, and translating the stress that often comes associated with it into magical and beautifully potent music heard before you. There's something often being said that taking all the drama and negativity in your life, and turning it into something that you feel is worthwhile and making a purpose is exactly what these two are doing. I loved the pure, unadulterated bluegrass vibe that was omnipresent throughout, and really feel that they are on the cusp of something special that is only furthering their resolve to become better people as a result of what they've been through.

For more on The Lied To's, please 'Like' them on Facebook located right over here, check out their official homepage at this spot here, and check out "The Lesser of Two Evils" located on most major digital streaming providers.

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