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Providence, RI's Post-Prog/Garage Rockers The Rare Occasions Set for 6/21 Cafe 939 Show

Originally from Providence, RI but now spending time out in LA, The Rare Occasions will soon find their way back to New England soil when they stop by Cafe 939 in 2 weeks on June 21st, just steps away from Berklee School of Music. The band is touring on the heels of their brand new album "Into The Shallows" that will be out this Friday. Their sound is an eerie mix of garage and post-prog rhythms that seep into your consciousness almost immediately upon impact, and seeks to derive a sense of well being and comfort that you'll find in the gents almost immediately. The band consists of Brian McLaughlin, Peter Stone, Jeremy Cohen, and Luke Imbusch. What really struck me about them was that they weren't trying to emulate anyone but themselves when putting their music out there. What you hear is what you get from them, and their distinct and outgoing personalities are omnipresent in their music, and you'll definitely feel an emotional connection from their sound that will be forged even deeper when you check them out in concert in a couple of weeks.

For more info on the show and to buy tickets, head on over to Berklee's website here and for more on The Rare Occasions, 'Like' them on Facebook over here, follow them on Twitter right here, and check out their music on Spotify at this spot here, and on a host of other digital streaming providers as well.

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