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Boston's Own Julia Mark Prepping For 7/7 Show @ City Winery's Haymarket Lounge

Boston based singer-songwriter Julia Mark is gearing up for a big local show happening next Saturday July 7th at City Winery's Haymarket Lounge, located right in downtown Boston. Julia has a diverse folk sound that is clearly evident on her latest album, "Gemini" released in January. Julia originally grew up in New Jersey where her musical tastes were honed and formed, which continues to have a profound impact on her to this day as she makes her presence known to more people locally around the area. There is a beautiful simplicity to her voice that makes her truly unique and original, and you can clearly pick out the elements that make her so stunning and captivating in the first place. I loved Julia's music right from the start, and she has it all mapped out as to how she plans to take her career moving forward. A hypnotic talent that is worthy of experiencing live in person for the first time.

For more on next week's show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and for more on Julia Mark, 'Like' her on Facebook from this channel here, check out her official website at this spot here for more general info concerning her, and check out "Gemini" now streaming on Bandcamp here and on other streaming providers.

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