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Denver Based Hard Rock Duo In The Whale Set Their Sights on O'Brien's Next Tue. 8/28

Denver, CO based hard-rock duo In The Whale are gearing to make an appearance in the Boston area next Tue, 8/28 when they play O'Brien's in Allston. These guys may not be on your musical radar just yet, but they will be in due time as they have that musical pedigree and depth to set them apart from the other up and coming acts out there today. I found something really unique with Nate and Eric as they both offer up something that is refreshing, inventive, and really goes about its own business in terms of what it can offer to the audience and how it can affect them as well. Even if you're not into hard rock that much, you'll definitely find a common ground with these guys as they make their way across the country to our general vicinity. A fascinating duo that you'll want to do some research on before you check them out live.

For more on In The Whale, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this locale here, check out their official website from over here, and check out their music on their Bandcamp page from this spot here.

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