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NC Native & Boston Based Sean Currlin Releases Debut EP "Step 1"

Originally hailing from North Carolina but now calling Boston his home, Sean Currlin has released his debut EP to the world titled "Step 1". The effort is reared within the pop realm, but injects elements from a host of different genres including some classical elements and more slower, acoustic sounds to balance everything out. The album reads as a thank you of sorts from Sean to all of the people who helped him along the way, and inspired him to get involved with music in the first place. "Ode to Joy" features a re harmonization of a Beethoven melody embedded within the guitar solo as a nod to a woman named Joy Lucas who helped out Sean after he got out of grad school. The final song on the effort, "Far Sweeter" is a tribute to Sean's vocal professor Robert Honeysucker who passed away last year, and was instrumental in helping Sean compose his voice and find his true calling as an artist. It really is awe inspiring seeing Sean pour his entire heart and soul into this project, and having known him for a couple of years he has major talent and charisma that really elevates himself to new heights. An incredible talent who reveals his true nature and self throughout the entire effort.

To check out Sean's "Step 1" EP in its entirety, it's available on all major digital streaming outlets.

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