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Brooklyn's Own Active Bird Community Set To Electrify Great Scott This Sat. 10/6

From the mean streets of Brooklyn comes the indie infected sounds of Active Bird Community, who are setting their sights to Great Scott in Allston this Sat. 10/6. The guys have a youthful, dynamic sound that seeks out your brain synapses, and really puts these guys on a pedestal almost immediately largely due to their swooning good looks and amazing skills as musicians. The group consists of Tom D'Agostino on lead vocals and guitar, Adnrew Wolfson on vocals and lead guitar, Zach Slater on bass, and Quinn McGovern on drums. The band's sound has a bevy of instrumentation to keep the listener occupied throughout their musical stay there, even some brass elements on the track "Baby It's You" that puts the guys in good company for sure. I had a blast listening to these guys, and they definitely have that ability to bring out the best of everyone in the audience who will most certainly find a common ground with the band and everything they stand for. An immensely satisfying act that is worthy of seeing in person for the first time.

For more on Active Bird Community, give them a 'Like' on Facebook from this locale here, check out their official website at this spot here, and check out their latest LP "Amends" now available for streaming on a host of digital platforms.

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