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Boston Red Sox World Series Music Special

The Red Sox are your 2018 World Series Champions after a thrilling victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 by a score of 5-1. The team enjoyed a historic season, going 108-54 with Mookie Betts exploding out of the gate in terms of homeruns and cementing his AL MVP award. Andrew Benintendi turning around his early season struggles and emerging into a postseason hero with a miraculous catch in Game 4 of the ALCS against the Astros, and David Price finally shutting down the haters and clinching his first postseason win in the deciding Game 5 of the ALCS. The Sox hit their stride early in the season, and no one stopped them in their quest to deliver a 4th World Series title in the last 15 years. Compiled are the players' walk-up song choices that reflect their outgoing and colorful personalities that come to light when they step to the plate or take the mound. Without further delay, here is the Red Sox World Series player music roster:

Matt Barnes - Eric Prydz "Every Day"

A valued component of the Red Sox bullpen has this upbeat techno track as his entrance music. While the Sox bullpen has been in shambles to start the postseason, Barnes has been a valuable commodity since being called up, posting a 1.42 ERA in 6 1/3 innings pitched. His fiery presence and boastful demeanor are valued characteristics in any reliever, and Barnes reflects the lifeblood and spirit of the bullpen with his intense screams as he walks off the mound that make him a reliever to watch throughout the World Series.

Andrew Benintendi - Locash "I Love This Life"

The ridiculously handsome and studly left fielder we call "Beni" has his song choice of Locash's "I Love This Life". Beni was the hero of Game 4 of the ALCS when he made that spectacular catch that saved the game, and sealed the victory for the good guys. The game most certainly would have been lost had Beni not caught that, and the postseason is built on moments where heroes are born. Beni has morphed into just that, along with the highlight reels from the past season with his fantastic catches in left, sleek prowess at the plate, and of course his swooning good looks which has earned him another nickname in "Benny Biceps". People like myself have fallen in love hard with Beni and everything he stands for.

Mookie Betts - Ernest K. "I Love This City"

Up next is right fielder Mookie Betts with his song choice of Ernest K's "I Love This City". Mookie exploded right out of the gate this past season, hitting for .346, 32 HR's and 80 RBI's, proving that he has etched himself into the upper echelons of top right fielders in the game today. Mookie has many spectacular catches this postseason, including the controversial interference call in the ALCS that went the Sox way and held up. His versatility on both sides of the ball is without question, and this furthers his ascent into possibly getting a long term deal with the club. He'll definitely come through in clutch situations both in bat and on the field in the World Series when time warrants during the season.

Xander Bogaerts - DMX "X Gon' Give It To Ya"

Our beloved shortstop has the power of the "X" going for him with this classic tune from DMX as his walk up song. The native Aruban has been turning up the dial a bit this year, hitting a solid .288 coupled along with 23 HR's and 103 RBI's. His defensive skills have been called into question a couple of times this past season no doubt, but he has definitely learned to hone his talents and focus on what needs fixing. Once that's taken care of, all Xander needs to worry about is what he can provide for his team at the plate in the postseason, where his talent really shines.

Brock Holt - Cody Johnson "Dance Her Home"

Super utility player Brock Holt has this down home country tune from Cody Johnson as his walk up song. The native Texan has been a fan favorite over the last few years, mostly due to his ability to play multiple positions and every one except catcher and pitcher. Hampered by a hamstring injury earlier this season, Brock has bounced back in a big way, and is looking for a way to contribute to the team in a everyday role. With his stunning good looks and outgoing personality, he excels at everything he puts his mind to, and there is no better guy on the team blocking for you than Brock Star.

Craig Kimbrel - Ted Nugent "Stranglehold"

Our beautifully bearded and fearless closer has some classic rock courtesy of Ted Nugent as his entrance music. Kimbrel has been one of the top closers in baseball for some time, but that notion was called into question this postseason when he almost blew multiple saves and somehow still preserved the victory for the Sox. Closers lose their mojo at times while on the mound, but Kimbrel bent and never broke on the mound like other ones have, and that is due to his personality and demeanor that shine through brightly in times like these. With his stance at the mound which at times resembles a praying mantis or a wild turkey about to pounce on you, there is absolutely no way of stopping him.

JD Martinez - Rick Ross "Hustlin"

The prized acquisition in this past offseason has come up big for the Sox in the postseason, and JD has this hip-hop tune from Rick Ross to keep his mind in the game while at the plate. JD has had quite a journey through the big leagues, starting with the Houston Astros in which the Sox just defeated, and eventually made his way to the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks before landing in Boston. JD's numbers have been astronomical to say the least, batting a ridiculous .330 along with 43 HR's and 130 RBI's to match. While his teammate Mookie Betts may end up being the MVP, JD at least deserves co-MVP honors if one such award existed. An amazing player inside and out, I will only refer to him by his given name julio just because of how awesome he is.

Rick Porcello - Talking Heads "Burning Down The House"

Coming in hot is one member of the Sox's starting rotation Rick Porcello and his entrance song of the classic 80's tune from Talking Heads. Porcello has been red hot this season, winning 17 games in all and proving that he can go deep into ballgames and has Cy Young caliber stuff, much like he had when he clinched the award a couple of seasons ago. Porcello has a deep arsenal that can throw opposing hitters off balance, and keep them guessing as to what he'll throw next. That's part of the plan when pitchers face hitters is to make them think otherwise as to what's coming out of his hand, and has been a valuable commodity out of the bullpen this postseason for sure.

Chris Sale - Lil' Wayne "Fly In"

The Merriam Webster definition of man reads as follows:

One possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood (such as courage, strength, and vigor) (2) obsolete : the quality or state of being manly : manliness See also: Chris Sale.

That pretty much sums it up about our ace, our man, and our leader. This get-up that he wore on the 4th of July this past year shows how outgoing, fun-loving, and charismatic he is. Sale has been a unstoppable force when he comes to the mound, with his ability to seemingly almost always go the distance in ballgames, and never waver in terms of adversity. His mental toughness and testicular fortitude are his defining characteristics, and there is no better person to start Game 1 of the World Series than our stud.

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