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Manchester, UK Indies Delights Put On Their "Sun Visor" On Brand New Single

Manchester, UK based indie quartet Delights have returned with their charming new single "Sun Visor". You may remember the lovely lads from my post about them a month ago highlighting their single "Jungle". On this new one, the band take a more downtempo approach that accentuates the band's creative resolve and musical bond that is getting stronger as we speak. Adam, Ben S., Ben K., and Leo have crafted a harmonic bliss on this new track that is impossible to ignore, and makes you fall head over heels for these brilliant and handsome lads. I was spellbound from the first note of their prior single, and am even more impressed with the guys on this new one. There is a clear musical progression from the prior track, and hints at the band's musical diversity and their ability to change tempos on a dime. An amazing up and coming act that will have a place in your playlists and hearts almost immediately.

For more on Delights, please 'Like' them on Facebook from this channel here, visit their official website here, and check out "Sun Visor" now available on most major streaming platforms, along with their previously released singles.

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