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South Carolina's Own Happy. Set To Play O'Brien's Tomorrow Night 11/14

South Carolina's own pride and joy Happy are set to play O'Brien's in Allston tomorrow night 11/14 alongside Brigades, Ten Cents Short, and Waiver Wire. The guys have been an obsession of mine as of late with their debut LP "Cult Classic" released a couple of months ago that reflects the band's youth, coupled with the blissful and joyous pop-punk rhythms that explode off the canvas almost instantaneously after you first listen to them. The collective of Tate, Caleb, Sean, Chase, and John have a real knack for making the audience part of all the fun, and basking in the glow for everyone around to create a truly fun and memorable experience for all parties involved. It's bands like this that really make you appreciate being alive, and brings to mind about what got me excited about music in the first place when I saw some of my high school chums perform in Battle of the Bands competitions and church halls, and reaffirms my faith that the spirit of pop-punk is alive and well and whose hearts are beating tremendously through these beyond talented guys.

For more info on tomorrow night's show at O'Brien's, click on the FB Event listing here, and for more on Happy please 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here, follow them on Twitter at this spot here, and peep their handsome mugs via their Instagram feed over here. Check out their music now available on most major streaming outlets.

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