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Baltimore's Own Skyward Story Teaming Up w/ Rookie of The Year For 12/11 Mid East Upstairs Show

Baltimore pop-rock sensations Skyward Story are setting their sights on Boston this coming Tuesday 12/11 when they take on The Mid East Upstairs in Cambridge alongside Rookie of The Year. The guys have an explosively charged, hook laden pop-rock sound that has girls screaming their names everywhere they go. The band consists of Aaron O'Connor on lead vocals, Scott Montgomery on guitar, and Brandon Millman on drums. You may remember Scott and Brandon when they were part of the band 3PM, and I interviewed Scott at Warped Tour back in 2015, whom has morphed into the group you hear right now. Since adding Aaron into the mix, the entire dynamic of the group has changed but the sound remains largely the same, and so does their ability to stay connected to their ever growing legion of fans who can relate to the lyrics and are in love with their sound, and also the swooning good looks of Scott, Aaron, and Brandon who clearly loves to work out, and shows that off by performing shirtless on most nights much to the approval of the roaring crowd. An amazingly talented act that is most certainly worth the price of admission.

For more on Tuesday's show and to RSVP, click on the FB Event listing here and while you're there, 'Like' Skyward Story here to stay connected with them, follow them on Twitter from this nest here, and visit their official website over here for more in depth info regarding the handsome fellas. Check out their brand new single "Trading Secrets", available starting today on most major streaming platforms.

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