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Weymouth's Pulitzer Prize Fighter Set To Call It A Day After 12/23 O'Brien's Show

Weymouth based indie rockers Pulitzer Prize Fighter are set to disband after their 12/23 show at O'Brien's in Allston, where they'll be joined by Ghost Chief and Kerrin Connolly to help usher in their sendoff. The guys have been featured numerous times before on the site, and have this irreverent charm to them that really makes them so enjoyable to watch and experience their magic unfold live. I remember first seeing them with The Okay Win and A Great Big Pile of Leaves several years ago, and they had a certain spark to them that really stood out to me. Since then, I've had the opportunity to become great friends with Ryan, Pat, Dan, and The Colins over the years, had them on my podcast where their true personalities really stood out, and were a band within the scene that had real charisma, heart, and charm that really made myself and other concertgoers really pay attention. I will greatly miss PPF and all the great times and laughs that I've had with them after their shows over the years. If you never had the opportunity to see Pulitzer Prize Fighter play live, now is your final chance!

For more info on the show and to buy tickets, RSVP via the FB Event listing here.

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